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For Administrators

Introduction to the Administrator Role

Logging in for the First Time

Installing the Acquire Chat Widget on Your Website

Capturing Visitor Attributes in Acquire from Your Website

Updating Your User Profile

Updating Your Company Profile for the Chat Widget

Set Up User Authentication for Logged In Website Visitors

Adding and Managing Users, Roles, Skills, and Departments

Setting & Managing Operating Hours & Holidays

Tagging Contacts & Conversations

Getting Feedback: Creating & Managing Questions

How to Set Up VoIP for Calls & SMS

Creating & Mapping Custom Attributes in Acquire

Using Filters, Actions, and Searches

Enabling Conversation Notifications

FAQ: What’s the difference between departments and roles?

FAQ: How do I set up tags to organize conversations?

FAQ: How do I find HTML elements on my website?

FAQ: How do I test out the features I built?