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Enabling Conversation Notifications

Notify visitors and agents about incoming messages, calls, and more with notifications. To enable or disable notifications, head to Settings > Conversation Settings > Notifications

In this article:

  • Notifications for Visitors
  • Notifications for Users
  • Notifications for Administrators 

Notifications for Visitors 

Toggle the notifications and sounds visitors see and hear. 

Play sound on incoming chat and Browser notification on incoming chat lets the visitor know when a new chat message comes in. The notification plays a doorbell sound. 

Play sound on incoming message and Browser notification alerts the visitor when there’s a new message in the active chat. The notification plays a ping sound. 

When connecting with customers on mobile devices, enable Show autoplay popup. Because of security features on mobile devices, only an alert will show if this option is disabled. Enable this toggle to have visitors accept a popup to hear sound notifications. 

Notifications for Users

Enable or disable the messages and sounds that agents see and hear. We recommend keeping these notifications on so agents will be alerted to visitor inquiries. 

Play sound on incoming chat and Browser notification on incoming chat alert agents when a message arrives in the pending folder. 

Play sound on incoming message and Browser notification on incoming message let agents know when a visitor responds to an active conversation. 

Inbound Email alerts agents when an email is received. 

Inbound Call notifies agents when an audio or video call comes in. 

Inbound SMS lets agents know when an SMS is received. 

Inbound Form lets agents know when a private form is submitted. 

@mentions lets agents know when they’re mentioned in a note. If they’re offline, they’ll be notified via email. 

During a conversation, click on the notes button to create a note. Then, click on the mentions (‘@’) button to mention an agent.


Notifications for Administrators

If there aren’t any administrators or agents online, an email notification will be sent to the indicated address(es). The email will include details about the contact and a transcript of the message the visitor left in the chat. 


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