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Introduction to the Administrator Role

Hello and welcome to Acquire. In this section, you’ll find tutorials and guides on how to install and get started with Acquire and the widget. 

In Acquire, Administrators have complete access to the entire platform. They control the look and functionality of the widget, the flow of conversations, and other aspects of the platform. 

In most cases, we recommend reading the articles in the following order: 

  1. Logging in for the First Time
  2. If you are the administrator responsible for installing the widget code, read Installing the Widget Code and Capturing Visitor Attributes. If not, skip this step and go to step #3. 
  3. Updating Your User Profile
  4. Updating Your Company Profile for the Chat Widget
  5. Adding and Managing Users, Roles, and Departments
  6. Setting & Managing Operating Hours & Holidays

The following articles are helpful and can be read in any order: 

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