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Logging in for the First Time

You may have received login credentials from Acquire or from someone at your organization. If not, you may want to ask about your Acquire login credentials before getting started. 

The email containing your credentials should look like this: 


To log in to Acquire, go to the login site as indicated in the email or information you received. Your login information should be the email associated with the account and the password. If you were given a generic password or would like to change it, you may do so by updating your user profile.  

Note: You may want to take note of your instance account ID. This ID may be used in APIs and other advanced services, as well as in communications with our support team.

Once logged in, you’ll be on the Home page, which we call the Dashboard. Explore as much as you like. If you’re an administrator in charge of installing the widget, read Installing the Acquire Chat Widget on Your Website next.

If you’re an administrator not in charge of installing the widget, or an operator, we recommend updating your profile information next.

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