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Updating Your User Profile

Customize how your profile appears to visitors and your colleagues by updating your User Profile.

In this article:

  • How to Change Your Profile Picture
  • How to Change Your Display Name

Navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Profiles to make changes to your profile.

How to Change Your Profile Picture

Note: Not all instances of Acquire will have profile pictures enabled in the Web Widget. However, we still recommend adding a photo so your colleagues can quickly see who has interacted with a contact in the past.

To add or update your profile picture, click on the pencil icon and upload a file from your computer. The max file size is 2MB.

We recommend using a high resolution photo that focuses on your face; preferably a headshot. Uploading a square-cropped image will look better.

How to Change Your Display Name

Your display name will show when you are interacting with visitors. You may update this in the Details section to use your preferred name (for example,“Sam” instead of “Samantha”).

Your team might have guidelines for customer-facing photos and display names, so we recommend you double-check with your Acquire administrator before making any changes.


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