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Setting Up VoIP & SMS with Your Twilio Account

Connect with customers through voice and SMS by integrating your Twilio numbers into Acquire. After you set up your Twilio integration, you’ll have the option to set up IVR and Business Rules directly from Acquire. No need to go back and forth!
In this article

  • Integrating your Twilio Number(s)
  • Editing Your Twilio Numbers
  • Adding New Twilio Numbers
  • Removing Twilio Numbers from Acquire

You’ll need

A Twilio account with an Account SID and Auth Token. You can find your Account SID and Auth Token in your Twilio Dashboard.


A Note on Integrating Twilio Numbers:

Acquire uses your SID and token to search for numbers in your Twilio account. Because of this, only one Twilio account may be integrated into Acquire at a time. If you previously purchased numbers through Acquire, you will need to release those numbers in order to integrate your own Twilio account.

Integrating Your Twilio Number(s)

Step 1: To get started, go to Settings > Installation and Setup > VoIP Settings. Select ‘Integrate Twilio Account’. If you don’t see this option, see the note above.

Step 2: Enter your Twilio Account SID and Access Token and then press ‘Next’.

Step 3: Select the number(s) you’d like to use in Acquire and then press ‘Import Selected’.

Your numbers will appear in the ‘Managing VoIP Phone Numbers’ directory. 

Editing Your Twilio Numbers 

You may edit your Twilio token or assign IVR, music, and departments to a Twilio number.

To edit your token, select ‘Buy New Number’ and ‘Edit Token’ from the dropdown menu. 



To edit your Twilio numbers, go to the number you'd like to edit and select the three dots (‘...’) under the ‘Actions’ heading.

From the 'Edit Number' menu, you may: 

  • Select a Department for Calls: Incoming calls are routed to the selected department. 
  • Set the Language: You can select from Danish, German, Catalan, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, or Swedish. You can also specify dialects for English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Chinese. 
  • Setup IVR (Interactive Voice Response): If your organization uses multiple departments per number, we recommend using this option. Use the dropdown menus to set up an interactive voice response. You can use a forwarding number or select the department. The message will be read to callers, so be sure to include the number and department. To turn this feature on, switch the toggle to active (green, right). 
  • Setup Music or Voice Recordings: Record a greeting to welcome users, play hold music when no agents are available, or use your own IVR recording. The following formats are supported: "aiff", "gsm", "mp3", "mpeg", "ulaw", “wav”, "wave","x-aifc", "x-aiff", "x-wav", and "x-gsm". 
Note: Setting an ‘IVR Voice Recording’ will override the automated ‘Setup IVR’. Use this option only if you're using one department per number. 

When you have finished making changes to your number, hit ‘Save’.  

Adding New Twilio Numbers

If you’ve recently added new numbers to your Twilio account, you may add them to Acquire by pressing ‘Buy New Number’ and selecting ‘Import Numbers’. Select the numbers you want to integrate and hit ‘Import Selected’. 

Removing Twilio Numbers from Acquire

You may remove individual numbers by clicking the three dots (‘...’) under the ‘Actions’ heading and selecting ‘Release’. Please note that this action does not release the number from your Twilio account.

To remove a Twilio integration, press ‘Buy New Number’ and select ‘Remove Twilio Integration’. All numbers will be removed.

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