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Using Filters, Actions, and Searches

As you explore the Acquire platform, you’ll likely have times where you’ll need to filter the Contact List, archive deprecated articles, or search for a question. To accomplish these tasks, you’ll need to use the filter, action, and search buttons. 

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  • Using Filters
  • Using Actions 
  • Using Searches

Using Filters 

Filters are represented by the funnel icon or by the word ‘Filter’. 


Use filters to narrow down the Contact List, create a segment, or view suggested questions for the Conversational Chatbot. 

In Chatbot > Conversational Bot, use the Filters button to switch between Suggested Questions and Questions in Use. You may also choose your desired language. 


Use filters in your Analytics pages to narrow down data by a date or department. 


Using Actions

Actions are represented by the lightning bolt icon. Depending on the context, Actions allow you to perform bulk deletes, archives, or other tasks in your platform. 


To perform a bulk action, select the content by clicking in the check boxes. Then, click on the Action button and choose an action from the drop-down menu. 

A few parts of the platform enable you to perform specific actions. 

In the Conversations Dashboard, use the Action Button to: 

  • Select all conversations 
  • Deselect conversations
  • Archive conversations
  • Block contacts 
  • Close threads - this will close all threads selected, so be sure to check if a conversation is still in progress first

In Chatbots > Conversational Bot, use the Action Button to: 

  • Publish all questions
  • Copy all questions to a new or existing group
  • Move all questions to a new or existing group (this will remove question from the current group)
  • Export all questions to a CSV file
  • Delete all questions 

In the Knowledge Base, use the Action Button to: 

  • Export all articles to a CSV file 
  • Copy all articles to a new or existing Knowledge Base
  • Publish articles
  • Assign articles to a bot so agents may share articles during conversations 
  • Assign articles to a category

Using Search

Use the magnifying glass icon to perform a search. 


Use a keyword or name to find the content that you’re looking for. Searches may be performed on contacts, users, articles, bots, analytics, apps, and more.

Optimize your time on the platform by using filters, actions, or searches to perform your tasks.

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