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How to Block Unwanted Conversations & Visitors

It’s never pleasant when a visitor uses your chat widget to harass your team, send explicit messages, or clog your conversations with spam. That’s why we built a way for you to block visitors from accessing your widget.
In this article:

  • Block Types
  • How to Block a Visitor
  • Unblocking Someone
  • Extending a Block

Block Types

Acquire recognizes returning visitors through data points. There are three different data points Acquire uses to block visitors: 

  • Recommended: Email and phone number blocks prevent the associated visitor from interacting with the widget. These blocks affect all types of interactions, not only email and phone. To use this method, a visitor’s email or phone number must exist in the Acquire Platform. 
  • IP blocks visitors from an IP address from interacting with the widget. 

How to Block a Visitor

There are two ways to block a visitor from using your chat widget. They are:

Blocking via Settings

Head to Settings > Security > Blocked Visitors. Click ‘Block Visitor’ to open the dialog box. Then, choose what type of block you want to use and enter the details. Be sure to set an end date in the future in day-month-year format.


Press ‘Save’ to block the visitor.

To find a user's IP address, go to their timeline and hover over the pin icon. Their IP address will appear.


Blocking from a Contact Profile

Open the contact’s profile and conversation timeline. Next, click the three dots ‘...’ and select ‘Block Contact’.


A dialogue box will appear asking if you’re sure you want to block that user. Press ‘OK’ to start the block. Visitors are automatically blocked for a year. 

Unblocking Someone

There are three ways to unblock a visitor: 

  • Go to a visitor's contact profile, click the three dots ‘...’ and select ‘Remove block list’. Select ‘OK’ to remove the block. 
  • Go to Settings > Security > Blocked Visitors, click the three dots ‘...’, and select ‘Delete’.
  • Wait for their block to expire. 

Extending a Block

To extend a block, you will need to delete the current block and create a new one. Go to Settings > Security > Blocked Visitors, click the three dots ‘...’, and select ‘Delete’. Then, click ‘Block Visitor’ to open the dialog box and select the new date. Press 'Save' to activate the block.

Blocking unwanted visitors, and their conversations, will allow agents to focus on what really matters—giving your true customers a great experience.


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