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FAQ: How do I find HTML elements on my website?

In Acquire, you can do a lot of things with code from your website, such as: 

  • mask sensitive information
  • use a form to create new contacts 
  • customize the widget

You’ll need the HTML elements to utilize these customizations and features. However, you don’t need access to your frontend application to do this. All you’ll need is a Google Chrome browser

Finding HTML Elements on Your Website

Step 1: Navigate to that element’s page 

Whether you’re finding the code for the form, or the widget, you’ll need to be on the same page as that element. In your Google Chrome browser, right click and select ‘Inspect’. This will open up the Developer Tools tab. 


Select the ‘arrow’ tool from the Developer Tools tab.


With the arrow tool, click on the element. That element will turn a different color to indicate that it’s selected. You’ll also see the code for it in the Developer’s tab. 


You’ll need the class, name, or id. It’s usually a good idea to copy the whole element (starting at the open carrot ‘<’ and ending at the closed carrot '>') so you can easily reference it later. 

From there, you’ll need to paste the element into one of the input fields in Acquire: 

Not every HTML element is easy to grab. Having trouble? Reach out at

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