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Changing Widget Advanced Settings: Functionality and Custom CSS

Want to block visitors from starting their own calls? Or need to create a particular look? Customize the Widget and Launcher using Advanced Settings. 

In this article:

  • Visitor Feature Access 
  • Custom CSS & Frame CSS

Visitor Feature Access

Control whether visitors can initiate voice and video calls from the Chat Widget. Head to Settings > Messenger Setup > Advanced Settings to toggle these features on or off (Note: This won’t affect whether an agent can initiate audio and video calls themselves).


Custom CSS & Frame CSS

Do you need a specific look for your widget and launcher? Use CSS for advanced widget customization. Go to Settings > Messenger Setup > Advanced Settings. Insert your code in Custom CSS or Frame CSS to make any changes. 

Custom CSS 

Change the appearance of your Widget. Add a new background color, image, or drop shadow. You will need the CSS properties that you'd like to change. Custom CSS accepts properties that start with the hash ('#') or id selector. 


Select the CSS element you want to customize and write CSS code. 


Frame CSS 

Change the appearance of your Launcher. You can customize the color, image, and border—among other things.

Select the CSS properties you want to customize and write CSS. Frame CSS accepts properties that starts with the dot ('.') or class CSS selector. 


You may also automatically change the appearance of the Launcher and Widget in Settings > Messenger Settings > Chat Widget. Read Customizing the Appearance of Your Chat Widget for more information. Need to customize what appears in your widget? Check out Adjusting Advanced Widget Settings.

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