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FAQ: How do I send and receive chat transcripts?

In Acquire, there are many ways to receive transcripts after a conversation has closed or when a chat needs more attention. We’ll take a look at some of the different ways to send and receive transcripts so you can determine which method is best for you. 

In this article:

  • Sending Transcripts Manually 
  • Setting Up Automatic Transcripts 
  • Using Integrations to Send Transcripts 

Sending Transcripts Manually 

An agent may send a chat transcript from the Dashboard by using the toolbar menu above the conversation window. 

To send a transcript, click on the three dots (‘...’) in the top right corner and select 'Mail Transcript'

Indicate the recipient’s email address. You may also add CC and BCC email addresses. After entering the email address(es), hit ‘Send’. A confirmation notification message will appear. 

An email will be sent to the recipient(s). 


In the transcript, the recipient will be able to see visitor details, such as the visitor’s name and whatever Custom Attributes were entered into the profile. They’ll see the conversation timeline. Please note that third-party integration assets may appear as text instead of blocks.  

 The chat transcript was delivered to the recipient's email. 

Setting Up Automatic Transcripts

Need to generate a transcript every time a conversation closes or whenever agents are offline? You may send transcripts automatically to an email address of your choosing. Check out the options below to determine the best conditions for sending transcripts. 

Send Transcripts When Operators Are Offline

Have an email sent for each conversation that occurs when operators are offline. You may want to set up a dedicated inbox for these emails as every offline conversation, even chatbot conversations, will be sent. 

To set up automatic transcripts, go to Settings > Conversation Settings > Notifications > Email Notification For Missed Conversations.
Enter the email address(es) you wish to send the transcripts to, and then enable the toggle by switching it from red to green (left to right). Then, press ‘Save Settings’.

Separate emails by commas. 

Send Transcripts After Every Conversation Closes
After agents close a chat, send a transcript to the email address provided, regardless if agents are on or offline. To get started, go to Settings > Conversation Settings > Other > Email Piping. To add more email addresses, click on ‘Add more emails’.


Keep in mind that a transcript will be sent for every conversation that closes, even chatbot conversations, so you may want to create a dedicated inbox to collect them. 

Using Integrations to Send Transcripts

You may also send transcripts to your third-party apps. Click on the app to learn more:

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