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Additional Email Settings

Once you’ve set up an inbox in Acquire, you may want to configure details about the emails and how they are sent. To change email settings, go to Settings > Installation and Setup > Email Setup

In this article

  • SMTP 
  • Email Templates
  • Sender Signature
  • Filtering Emails


Create or update domain details for sending emails through your SMTP service. Currently we offer Acquire, Gmail, Sendgrid, and Other SMTPs.  

Note: To enable a Gmail Service Type, you will need to turn on less secure app access.

You may want to test your SMTP access before interacting with clients. To do so, click on the three dots (‘...’) beneath the ‘Actions’ header and select ‘Test SMTP’. A test email will be sent to the account if successful. 

Mail Templates 

Change the look and feel of your sent mail in Mail Templates by clicking on the ‘Create Template’ button. 

Once you’ve created a template:

  • click on the email template button in the conversation toolbar during an email conversation.
  • or send one automatically using a Business Rule.

Sender Signature

Email signatures signal your professionalism during client interactions. To add a signature, go to 'Sender Signature' and create a signature. To enable the signature, set its status to ‘Default’ and click on ‘Save Sender Signature’. The signature will now appear in all email conversations. 

Filtering Emails

Depending on your organization, you may have to sift through tens or hundreds of emails each day. In order to filter your emails, go to Contact List > Emails, and choose the inbox you’d like to sort through.

Filters you can use are: 

  • Name
  • Email
  • Channel 
  • Status
  • Phone
  • Company Name
  • First Visit Datetime
  • Last Visit Datetime
  • Department
  • Agent 
  • Tag
  • Country 
  • Region 
  • City 
  • Browser
  • OS

Emails are an important part of your communication channel. Ensure you’re sending the right message by configuring your preferences.


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