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Setting Up a Gmail Inbox

Gmail is one of the most widely used email services of all time. Easily connect your Gmail inboxes to Acquire and enjoy the convenience of viewing emails straight from the Dashboard. All emails sent to the connected email address(es) appear in your contacts as well. In addition, whenever you receive a new email, you’ll be notified via in-app notifications.

In this article

  • Connecting Your Gmail Account into Acquire
  • Editing Your Inbox
  • Deleting or Removing the Integration

What you’ll need

  • An active Gmail account

Connecting your Gmail Account into Acquire

There are two ways to integrate Gmail into Acquire. Choose to connect one inbox to Acquire, or connect an alias account. 

Step 1: To get started, go to Settings > Installation and Setup > Email Setup

Step 2: From the ‘Inbox’ tab, press ‘Create Inbox’. 

Step 3: A menu will appear asking you to enter the inbox name and select the email channel. Choose ‘Gmail’ as the channel and click ‘Next’. 

Step 4: You have the option to create a standard integration ‘Gmail Account’ or an alias integration ‘Gmail Alias’. 

Step 5: See below.

Standard (Gmail Account)

For a standard Gmail account, sign in to Gmail by entering your credentials and then press ‘Allow’. This process could take a few moments. 


Alias (Gmail Alias)

For an alias, enter the alias’ Gmail email address and press ‘Save’. A verification will be sent to that email address. Follow the verification’s directions to verify the account.

You will also need to set up forwarding in Gmail by going to Gmail > Settings > Forwarding Pop/IMAP. Select ‘Add Forwarding Address’ and enter the forwarding address sent to you in the verification email. 

After entering the forwarding address, the Gmail Team will send a new verification email to the Acquire dashboard. Once you receive it, click on the confirmation link to start receiving emails through your Gmail alias. You may need to copy the link and paste it to a web browser.

This integration may take a few minutes to process. If you are still not receiving forwarding emails, check that forwarding is enabled in Gmail > Settings > Forwarding Pop/IMAP.

Editing Your Inbox

From the Edit Menu, you can: 

  • Enable Undo Time Settings to have your emails sent at a later time. Customers sometimes expect quick follow-up emails, though usually not immediately after a conversation. You’ll also be able to cancel any messages within the designated time.
  • Enable Track Sent Email to view the number of emails read, unread, and bounced for your Analytics > Email page.
  • Enable Threading Mode to keep track of all your conversations in the same thread, no matter how many parties join the conversation. 
  • Assign Auto BCC to your Acquire integrated email to notify a manager of a potential lead. To add more than one address, include a comma (‘,’) after each address. 
  • Choose and assign a Custom SMTP associated with your email address.

Deleting or Removing Gmail  

To delete your Gmail inbox in Acquire, go to Settings > Installation and Setup > Email Setup, and click on the three dots (‘…’) next to the email address.

Select ‘Delete’. 

Deleting the inbox will delete all associated email addresses in Acquire. This action does not delete your Gmail inbox, nor does it remove any conversations associated with the address. 

You’ve just set up your Gmail integration. Enjoy the convenience of having all your Gmail conversations in one place.


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