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Quickly check your daily analytics from the Live Dashboard. Curious how many conversations you and your team had today? Want to see a breakdown of conversations by channel, or see which agents are online and their current cases? What about widget engagement? See a breakdown from your Live Dashboard and make decisions in real time.

In this article: 

  • Viewing Live Analytics
  • Summary
  • Agents
  • Widget

Viewing Live Analytics

See Dashboard activity when you click on the Home (Dashboard) button. 


You’ll be able to see the total number of conversations for the day, as well as how many agents are on or offline.

The Live Dashboard Summary shows you an overview of the day’s conversations, including those active, pending, and closed, broken down by channel.


See the number of closed, active, and pending conversations for the day. 

Conversations by Channel

See the number of chat, mail, call, SMS, and private form conversations you’ve had for the day. 



See the total emails you’ve sent and received. 


See the total calls and SMS conversations you’ve engaged in. 

Agent Distribution Summary

See available agents in chat, email, and SMS. 


When set up, see achieved, breached, and in progress SLAs


In the Agents tab, view an agent's availability by communication channel, the number of active conversations they’re part of, live tracking information (the duration of their active chats), their online/offline status, and time away.


You’ll be able to see: 

  • Availability - see which agents are online and their available channels. You’ll also see which channels the agent has permission to engage in (in green). If the agent is offline, or they don’t have permission to use those channels, the channel icon will be gray. 
  • Active Conversations - the number of active conversations the agent is engaged with. 
  • Live Tracking - active conversations and the amount of time they’ve been active. If you’d like to track this metric accurately, be sure to remind agents to close a conversation once it's completed. 
  • Status - whether the agent is on or offline. 
  • Away Time - how long ago the agent was last online. 

Click on the conversations in 'Live Tracking' to be brought to that conversation thread.


See the number of times visitors viewed or engaged with your widget for the day.  

  • Impressions - Number of times your widget was viewed. This will still be tracked even if the widget is hidden by a Business Rule.
  • Clicks - The number of time the widget was clicked. 
  • Requests - The number of times the visitor initiated a conversation. 
  • Connected calls - The number of video or audio calls. 
  • Conversions - The number of conversions that were made.

Need more data points? Read our Analytics articles. 

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