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Conversion Settings

Track conversions, or how many of your visitors are reaching a certain URL, and analyze how well you’re converting prospects to leads or conversations to sales. Now, you'll be able to see how many times an operator closes a chat with the visitor on that desired URL.

In this article:

  • Creating a Conversion Metric 
  • Using Conversions 
  • Editing or Deleting Conversions

Creating a Conversion Metric 

Before you can start tracking the conversion, you’ll need to specify what you want to track. Go to Settings > Conversation Settings > Conversion. Click on ‘Create Conversion’.

Set up your conversion by adding a: 

  • Name
  • Time - While a case is active, track the time until a case closes. For example, if the time is set to 20 seconds, cases closed within 20 seconds will be tracked. 
  • Description
  • Select Match - Select how the URL will be matched. ‘Contains’ will match if the text contains the URL (a fuzzy match). ‘Equal’ must be an exact match. 
  • Select Protocol - specify the hypertext protocol. 
  • URL to track - copy the paste the URL of the page you’d like to track. Remove the hypertext protocol. 

Add as many target URLs as you'd like, but keep in mind that it will track if the visitor reach either URL. For example, if the Home and Feature pages are track, and an operator closes a conversation on a features page, it will count as one conversion. Similarly, closing a conversation on the Feature page  

Using Conversions 

Now, when your agents close a case on the specified URL, you’ll see the conversion tracked in Settings > Conversation Settings > Conversion


In addition, you may track your daily conversions from the Live Dashboard. 

Click on the Dashboard button and then select the Widget Data tab. 

You’ll also see general widget data on the Dashboard.

Editing or Deleting Conversions

Need to edit your conversion? Go to Settings > Conversation Settings > Conversion and click on the three dots (‘...’) under the Actions heading. Select ‘Edit’. Once complete, save your changes. No longer need to collect conversions on a certain page? Select ‘Delete’ instead.

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