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  • FAQ: What do the popups in Business Rules do?

FAQ: What do the popups in Business Rules do?

Sometimes you need to capture a visitor’s attention when they enter your website, land on a certain page, or complete a form. Use Business Rules popups to convey a short message or redirect a visitor. 

In this article:

  • Using Popups
  • Types of Popups
  • Troubleshooting

Using Popups

Popups work with chat and private form channels in Business Rules. When selecting chat, it’s generally better to tie your alert to an ‘on visit’ trigger, so the user may see it before the start of a new conversation. 

Popup messages are designed to be concise and some inputs have a 55-character limit. Consider displaying important messages through a banner on your website.

Using Events in Popups

You may trigger audio, video, cobrowse, chat conversations by using the Confirmation or Center Popups. 

Select ‘event’ for the ‘Select Action’ radio button. Then, paste the event code in the input field. 

Paste the code in the event field to start a conversation of that type: 

  • startCall::audio - invites the agent to start an audio conversation with a visitor. 
  • startCall::video - invites the agent to start a video conversation with a visitor. 
  • startCall::chat - opens the chat window so the visitor may start a conversation with an agent. 
  • startCall::cobrowse - displays a code that the visitor may share with an agent to start a cobrowse session. 

Visitors may need explicit directions on what to do with the cobrowse code. 

In this example, a visitor is given instructions on what to do with the cobrowse code. 

Types of Popups

Alert Popup 

When you need to alert users about a potential outage, upcoming sale, or other announcements, use the ‘Alert’ popup type. 


The visitor will see: 


If the visitor clicks on the button, they’ll be redirected to the website you indicated.


Your site may sell age-sensitive products or only ship to certain countries. Use a confirmation popup so the visitor understands this before entering your site. 


When a visitor encounters the popup, they’ll be redirected to the website associated with the button they click on. 


Center Popup 

Use Center Popups when you want to direct visitors to another page. When a visitor clicks on the button, a new tab will open for the URL specified. 

Note: You may use the condition ‘first time visitor’ in Business Rules to display a welcome message to new visitors. 

For this scenario, the new visitor is directed to the Getting Started page when they click the button. 


The Notification popup is a message without linking or button functionality. Use it to display a short, text-based message such as when a customer completes a form or signs up for your newsletter. 


Notifications don’t have any redirect functionality. They appear on a visitor’s screen as a notification. 



Is the popup not appearing when you think it should? Popups may not display if the visitor has an adblocker installed, has blocked notifications, or hasn’t emptied their cache in a while. Consider letting the visitor know about these display issues through a message in the widget.


Visitors may also not see notifications if they’ve blocked those settings in their browsers. To unblock these notifications: 

On a Mac 

Go to System Preferences > Notifications > Google Chrome and Acquire. Click the toggle to ‘Allow Notifications’.


On a Windows 

Go to Settings > System > Notifications & actions and enable Google Chrome by setting the toggle to ‘on’.


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