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Content Showcase

Display a range of content in the widget with Content Showcase and Acquire. Highlight your marketing team’s hard work by displaying a content piece when a visitor lands on your page. You may also show text and image-based messaging to grab a visitor’s eye. 

In this article:

  • Installing Content Showcase
  • Using Content Showcase 
  • Editing and Uninstalling 

Installing Content Showcase

Step 1: Installing the app

Go to the App Store > Widget Apps > Content Showcase. Click ‘Install App’. Review the app capabilities and click ‘Install’. On the next screen, review the permissions and access levels, then click ‘Authorize Access’.


Step 2: Choosing a template

In the ‘Setting’ tab, you may configure the block appearance. Use the ‘Choose Your Default Template’ to choose from the templates listed below: 

Announcement and Top articles: Show a block with a large picture


Job listings and Flexible list: Show a block with a small picture

Step 3: Setting up your block 

  • Block Heading: Appears above the block 
  • Page URL: A link that embeds to the title
  • Title: Title of the block
  • Cover Image URL: The URL of the image you want to display
  • Description: Text that appears below the title 

Need to add more? Click on ‘Add Data’ to add another block. 

Using Content Showcase

After installation, you’ll be taken back to Acquire and into Content Showcase Settings. Alternatively, click the three dots (‘...’) in the upper right of the app tile and select ‘Edit’ to open the wizard. Add a heading, then fill out the content fields: URL, title, cover image URL, and description. Click ‘Save’. Next, navigate to Settings > Messenger Setup > Widget Apps. Click on Content Showcase and then click ‘Push App to Widget’ to complete installation.

Users can also push highlighted content into the chat from the conversation window.


Editing and Uninstalling 

To edit Content Showcase, go to the App Store and click on the three dots (‘...’) on the app’s tile. Select edit, make changes, and press ‘Save’.
To uninstall the app, go to the App Store and click on the three dots (‘...’) on the app’s tile. Select ‘Uninstall’ and the app will be uninstalled. 

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