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FAQ: How do I track widget activity?

Track how visitors are interacting with your widget through analytics, integrations, and our API. 

In this article:

  • Analytics 
    • Chat
    • Third Party Apps
  • Google Analytics
  • API


The data in Analytics provides you with an overview of visitor activity on your widget.


To view your widget activity in Analytics, go to Analytics > Chat > Overview. Here you’ll see the number of chats for that time period. You’ll also see average handle times and busiest periods. 


Curious which pages visitors are initiating conversations on? Find the ‘Pages with Most Chats’ in Analytics > Chat > Visitor Information


Third-Party Apps

If you use third-party widget apps, you’ll see usage data in Analytics > Third Party > Messenger Apps


Google Analytics

The Analytics pages tell you about the volume of visitors interacting with your widget, but what about their specific behaviors? To track your visitor’s behaviors, you’ll need a Google Analytics account.

After installing the integration, you’ll see data for the following events in Reports > Realtime > Events: 

  • New Conversation
  • Open Chat
  • Close Chat
  • Minimize Chat Window
  • Maximize Chat Window
  • Feedback asked
  • Feedback Submitted
  • Back to list of conversations
  • Audio Call Start 
  • Audio Call End 
  • Audio Mute 
  • Audio Unmute 
  • Video Call Start 
  • Video Call End 
  • Video Mute 
  • Video Unmute 
  • Audio to Video 
  • Audio Video Setting
This image shows where each data point comes from. When a visitor clicks on the chat_minimize data point, for example, that click is logged in your Google Analytics report. Each click is logged only once per session. 


If you would like to access your chat data in a format such as a JSON or a CSV file, consider using our API. You’ll find a list of accessible endpoints in our Developer Documentation. Find widget conversation data in Rest APIs > Conversation and Analytics > Chat.

Check out our API Getting Started Guide for more information.


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