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Google Analytics

We're taking a deeper look at some of our integrations, including this one. In the meantime, some of the functionality described here may not work as expected. Thank you for your patience.

Easily collect chat-related data and log it into your Google Analytics account. With the Google Analytics Integration, all Chat Widget interactions are now pushed to a customer's Google Analytics account. This will help analyze user behavior and map the entire user journey. 

In this article

  • Installing Google Analytics 
  • Tracking Your Chat Data
  • Viewing Chat Data

What You’ll Need

  • A Google Analytics account with a Google Tracking I.D. 

To find your Google Tracking I.D.

  • Log in to your Google Analytics account 
  • Click on ‘Admin’
  • In the ‘Property Column’, click on ‘Tracking Info’

Installing Google Analytics 

Go to the Acquire App Store and select ‘+ Install App’ on the Google Analytics tile. You will need to grant access to your Google Analytics account. 


After access is granted, you’ll be directed to the 'Settings' tab. Enter your Google Tracking I.D.and select the events you want to track. Once done, hit 'Save'. You can change these options later, if you wish.


Then press ‘Save.’

Tracking Your Chat Data

Several events are captured to help you understand your visitor’s user journey on the chat widget. These data points are: 

  • New Conversation
  • Open Chat
  • Close Chat
  • Minimize Chat Window
  • Maximize Chat Window
  • Feedback asked
  • Feedback Submitted
  • Back to list of conversations

In addition, audio and video call events are also tracked: 

  • Audio Call Start 
  • Audio Call End 
  • Audio Mute 
  • Audio Unmute 
  • Video Call Start 
  • Video Call End 
  • Video Mute 
  • Video Unmute 
  • Audio to Video 
  • Audio Video Setting

The diagram below shows where each event occurs on the widget, with the exception of feedback_ask and close_chat. 

Note: Data is recorded once per session and subsequent clicks are ignored.

Viewing Chat Data

To view chat widget event data in realtime, log in to your Google Analytics account and select Realtime > Events

Realtime data

To see a breakdown of the data over time, go to Behavior > Events > Overview > Event Action & Label. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for this data to populate after installation. In addition, data cannot be captured retroactively. 

Data over time

Use this data in combination with our analytics pages to map how visitors interact with the widget. With Google Analytics and Acquire, you now have a powerful way to keep track of visitor engagements and your outreach goals.



Kevin McReady

Date :

This really helped! Gave me the step by step instructions on how to integrate the Acquire platform with Google Analytics. Excellent job. Keep up the great work!

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