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Allow visitors to book meetings using the popular scheduling app Calendly. Visitors can book meetings straight from the widget, during a live chat, or through a Sequence Bot. Connect with your customer for a sales meeting or support them through a cobrowsing session. The best part? You'll be able to connect as many calendars as you'd like. 

In this article: 

  • Installing and Setting Up Calendly 
  • Using Calendly in the Widget
  • Using Calendly in a Sequence Bot
  • Editing or Removing Calendly

What you’ll need

  • At least one Calendly meeting link

To find the link to your Calendly meeting, navigate to your Calendly dashboard and select ‘Copy Link’ from the meeting card. 

Note: You’ll be able to connect as many meeting links—even from different accounts—as you’d like, so you might want to copy and paste them into a document for easy access.

Installing and Setting Up Calendly

Step 1: Go to the Acquire App Store > Widget Apps > Calendly. Click ‘Install App’. Review the app capabilities and click ‘Install’

Step 2: On the next screen, review the permissions and access levels, then click ‘Authorize Access’.

Step 3: After installation, you’ll be taken back to Acquire and into the Calendly App ‘Settings’. Enter an account title, a Calendly meeting link, an invitation message, and button label. Then click ‘Save’. To connect more Calendly calendars, select ‘+ Add More Data’. 

Note: Make your invitation message descriptive, as this is the text the visitor will see in the widget.

Step 4: Then, navigate to Settings > Messenger Setup > Widget Apps. Click on Calendly and then click ‘Push App to Widget’ to complete the installation. Learn more about adding and previewing widget apps→

Using Calendly in the Widget

Enjoy the flexibility of letting visitors book their meetings from the widget or through a chat. 

During a live chat, agents can select a Calendly calendar by pressing the apps button from the conversation tools menu, selecting the Calendly app, and choosing the appropriate calendar. 


Visitors may also book meetings directly from the widget. 


Whenever visitors select ‘Book a Meeting’, they’ll be asked to select a date and time. They'll then be prompted to enter their name and email address. An agent will need to confirm the meeting after the request is submitted. Once confirmed, a calendar invite will be sent to both the visitor and the assigned agent's email addresses.

Using Calendly in a Sequence Bot

Sequence Bots can also be used to set up Calendly meetings. For example, you may want to connect a visitor with a department that operates in their timezone. To learn more about setting up a Sequence Bot, visit Setting Up & Deploying a Sequence Bot→

Step 1: To get started, go to Chatbot > Sequence bot and select ‘Create New Sequence’

Step 2: Choose a sequence and then press ‘Create’. If you’re testing this feature out for the first time, we recommend creating a ‘Blank Sequence’

Step 3: To add a new branch to the beginning node (the Welcome card), select the plus sign (‘+’) at the bottom of the branch. 

Step 4: A new branch will appear. To edit the branch, click on the branch and select the pencil icon. 


Step 5: After you’ve named your branch and typed in contextual information, select ‘+ Add another interaction’ and choose ‘Add Chat Widget’ from the dropdown menu. 

Step 6: If you need to change the Calendly meeting, click on the ‘Choose widget’ button and select the correct calendar from the dropdown menu. 


Step 7: When you are finished editing your branch, press ‘Save Branch’

Sample Sequence Bot with Calendly Integration

In this sequence, a bot greets a visitor and then asks which department they’d like to connect with. After the visitor selects a department, they’ll be prompted to schedule a meeting. 


Editing or Removing Calendly

When it’s time to edit a Calendly calendar, go back to the App Store and select the three dots (‘...’) at the top right of the Calendly tile. In the settings menu, you may edit, add, or remove Calendly accounts. 

You can also remove Calendly calendar from the widget in Settings > Messenger Setup > Widget Apps. Select the trash icon next to the account you want to remove. Note that this will not remove the integration. 

To remove the Calendly integration, go to the App Store, click on the three dots ('...') on the Calendly card, and press 'Uninstall'

Take control of your calendar with Calendly and Acquire. Having trouble? Reach out to us at

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