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Adding Apps to Your Widget

Just installed a new app from the App Store? Now it’s time to push it into your widget. Use Widget Apps to preview and manage your app integrations.
In this article:

  • Adding Apps from the App Store
  • Viewing and Managing Installed Apps
  • Previewing and Removing Installed Apps 

Step 1: Adding Apps from the App Store

When you want to add a new app to your widget, go to Settings > Messenger Setup > Widget Apps. Select the ‘Apps From App Store’ tab and click on the three dots (‘...’) next to the relevant app and press ‘Install’. You’ll be directed to the installation menu. You may need to verify your credentials before installing the app. 

Note: You can also install apps from the App Store. 

Step 2: Viewing and Managing Installed Apps

After installing the app, go to Settings > Messenger Setup > Widget Apps and select the ‘Installed Apps’ tab. Look for the app you just installed in the app list. Then, click on that app and select ‘Push App to Widget’ to add the app to the Widget. 


Step 3: Previewing and Removing Installed Apps 

Preview installed apps in the widget preview section (may be to the right or bottom of your screen depending on browser size).  


In the preview pane, you can interact with the widget and apps just like a visitor would. 

When you need to remove the app, select the trash can icon to remove the app from the widget.


Note: Removing the app from the widget will not uninstall the app. You can uninstall apps from the App Store→

You’ve just added an app to the widget. Great visitor experiences await!



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