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Introduction to the Operator Role

Hello and welcome to Acquire. In this section, you’ll find tutorials on how to set up your account, get started with the Dashboard, and much more.

In Acquire, operators (also known as agents) have limited access to the platform. They may: 

  • Change information in your profile 
  • Look at and import information to the Contact List
  • Respond to conversations on the Dashboard 

Operators primarily converse with visitors by using Dashboard tools. They can switch between communication channels, share apps with visitors, and also conduct video, audio, and cobrowse sessions when enabled.

In most cases, we recommend reading the articles in this order: 

  1. Logging into Acquire for the First Time
  2. Updating Your User Profile
  3. Navigating the Conversation Window & Timeline
  4. Accepting & Responding to Incoming Chat Conversations
  5. How to Merge Contacts & Conversations

The following articles are helpful and can be read in any order: 


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