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How to Go Offline & Log Out of the Chat Queue

There will be times where you’ll want to use Acquire but don’t want to appear available for incoming conversations. Use the Agent Status function to toggle yourself as online or offline in the platform without impacting SLAs or routing rules.

In this article:

  • Going Offline
  • Going Offline for Specific Channels
  • Logging Out of Acquire

Going Offline


Click on your profile picture in the lower left corner to open the menu. Toggle the ‘Agent Status’ to off (red). You will now be considered offline and will not receive notifications for new incoming conversations. You’ll still get notified about activity in Active conversations.

Going Offline for Specific Channels

By default, if your status is online (green), you will be online for all channels. In the same menu, click the channel icon(s) you want to go offline for. When the icon is red, you will no longer receive notifications for incoming conversations and will not be eligible for routing through Business Rules or chatbots.

Logging Out of Acquire


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