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Managing & Completing Contact Profiles

Keep track of the visitors your team engages with using contact profiles in Acquire. Contact profiles store valuable attributes and allow you to build segments for campaigns and more.

In this article:

  • What are contact profiles?
  • How to view a contact profile
  • Ways to capture visitor details
  • Creating segments

What are Contact Profiles?


Contact Profiles are records of all the visitors who have interacted with your Chat Widget. They contain visitor attributes and a timeline of activity including conversations and web page views.

Visitor attributes can be added to a profile in two ways: automatically when the data is available or by asking the visitor through a form, chatbot, or conversation. Fields like location, source, and operating system information are captured automatically where the 

name, email address, and phone number require asking. Custom Attributes may also be assigned to visitor profiles.

Once a profile is created, Acquire uses a cookie to identify the contact on that browser. This means that if a visitor comes in from a different browser or device, we will need more information to match the correct profile.

How to View a Contact Profile

There are two ways to view a contact profile. The first is by opening their conversation timeline, be it from an incoming or closed chat. The second is by clicking 'List' in the left navigation and then searching for the profile.

Ways to Capture Visitor Details

As we mentioned, details can be captured automatically or by asking the visitor to provide them. Here are the different ways this information gets into Acquire:

Additionally, user details and profile attributes can be passed into other systems via API calls. Learn more about our APIs at

Creating Contact Segments

Segments allow you to group contacts based on attributes and conditions. To build a segment, head to the Contact List dashboard. Next, click ‘Add filters’. You may search by name, company, location, the 

technology used, and custom fields.

Click ‘Save Segment’ to save the search results. To locate the segment in the future, expand ‘Segment’ on the Contact List dashboard.


To view your Segments, go to Contact List > Segments.


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