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FAQ: How do I prevent visitors from making video/audio calls?

Sometimes it’s useful to give your visitors the ability to start video and audio calls. It’s a great way to connect with your visitors on a human level. However, if you find your agents are getting subjected to a bunch of spam calls, you should take actions to prevent calls from the visitor end. 

Please note, you'll need access to Settings to turn off audio and video calls. 

In the widget 

To disable visitor calls, go to Settings > Messenger Setup > Advanced Settings. In the Visitor Function section, uncheck the video and phone icons. The check marks should not be visible. Don’t forget to press ‘Save Settings’ before navigating away from the page. 


The Audio and Video Call buttons will not have a checkmark next to them when disabled. 

Keep in mind agents will still be able to conduct video and audio calls through the widget.

Read more about advanced widget settings

Blocking Visitors 

Has a visitor been causing trouble for agents? You may block visitors from their contact profile. When you block a visitor, they won’t be able to interact with the widget at all.

Read more about visitor blocks. 

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