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FAQ: How do I disable widget notifications after the first time?

After a visitor receives a widget notification, they may not want to see (or hear) that same notification when they go to a new page. To disable this notification, you’ll need to change settings in a few places. 

Step 1: First, you should use a Sequence Bot and ‘Bot Reply’ to show your message. Then, enable its ‘greeting’. If you’re not using a Sequence Bot to display these notifications, consider switching to one. They can hand off conversations to other agents or chatbots. 

Then, create a Business Rule in Settings > Workflows > Business Rules. After you click on ‘New Rule’, name and describe your rule, and then set the channel to ‘chat’ and the trigger type as ‘On Visit’. 

Step 2: Once the Sequence Bot and Business Rule are set up, go to Conversation Settings > Notifications > For Visitors

Make sure that ‘Play sound on incoming chat’ and ‘Browser notification on incoming chat’ is disabled. 


Step 3: Then go to Settings > Messenger Setup > Chat Widget > Advanced.


Make sure that ‘Unsave widget state’ is disabled

Step 4: Finally, go to Chatbots > Configurations > Sequence Bot and enable ‘Allow Greeting in Widget-Popup’. 

Now, when a visitor first visits your website, they’ll see a notification. However, when they navigate to a new page, the notification will be hidden. 

Please note that this will not permanently disable notifications for visitors. If a visitor clears their cookies, if their cookie expires, or if other changes are made in Acquire, they will see the notification. 

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