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We're taking a deeper look at some of our integrations, including this one. In the meantime, some of the functionality described here may not work as expected. Thank you for your patience.

Build forms quickly and track results with JotForm and Acquire. From simple surveys to online stores, JotForm has a wide range of capabilities that may be displayed through the widget. 

Create interactive forms for a number of uses.

In this article:

  • Obtaining Your JotForm API Key  
  • Installing JotForm 
  • Using JotForm
  • Modifying or Uninstalling JotForm

What you’ll need:

  • A JotForm account
  • At least one form

Obtaining Your JotForm API Key 

Before installing the JotForm integration in Acquire, you’ll need a JotForm API key. You can find your API key by logging in to your account, navigating to your account page, and selecting API from the left directory or by going to

You may already have an API key. If not, generate a new one by clicking on the ‘Create New Key’ button. 

Be sure to change ‘Permissions’ by clicking on the ‘Read Access’ text and selecting ‘Full Access’ from the dropdown menu. Then, copy the API key. 

Copy your API key from your account page in JotForm. Be sure to select 'Full Access'. 

Installing JotForm 

Step 1 Install the App

Go to Acquire’s App Store, and search for JotForm in the search bar. Then click on the ‘Install App’ link on the JotForm tile. 


A new menu will appear. Click on ‘Install’ then authorize the app. You’ll be directed to the Setting tab. In the API Key field, paste the API key you copied from your JotForm account.

Step 2 Select and Configure

If you have more than one form, select the correct form from the ‘Set You Default JotForm’ dropdown menu. If you recently updated a form, press ‘Sync New JotForm’ to refresh your options. 

Then, configure the text the visitor will see in the widget.

  • Block Title — The name of the form. 
  • Subtitle — Prompts the visitor to answer the form. 
  • Button Text — Lets the visitor know they’ll be directed to the form. 

Using JotForm 

JotForm may be used in the widget, during a conversation, or part of a Sequence Bot. If the visitor completes a form, data from that submission will be available in JotForm. JotForm also sends an email to the form creator. 

As a Widget App

If you’d like visitors to see the form without having to perform any other actions, push the app to the widget. 

To do so, navigate to Settings > Messenger Setup > Widget Apps. Select ‘JotForm’ and click on ‘Push App to Widget’. 

Preview the widget on the same page. You may need to refresh the page. 


Now, when a visitor is on a widget-enabled page, they’ll see the JotForm app. Keep in mind that if the widget is minimized, or if you have a Sequence Bot with ‘Allow Greeting in Widget-Popup’ enabled, the visitor may not see the JotForm app.  

From the Dashboard

During a conversation with a visitor, agents may push the JotForm app to the widget by using the Dashboard tools. 


Click on the apps button in the left hand toolbar and then select ‘JotForm’. 


Visitors and agents will see the app block appear in the conversation timeline. Please note that visitors will not be able to see anything the agent types while they’re completing the form. Once they submit or back out of the form sequence, they’ll return to the conversation. 


Agents will also be able to see that a form was completed from the timeline. To see form submission data, navigate to JotForm. 

In a Sequence Bot

Automate forms with a Sequence Bot. To make JotForm part of a sequence, go to Chatbots > Sequence Bot and create a new sequence or update an existing one. Create a new branch and click on ‘Add another interaction’ and then choose ‘Chat Widget’. 

A new block will appear. Select JotForm from the ‘Choose widget’ dropdown. Then, save the branch and trigger the bot.


If you’d like the sequence to continue after the form is completed, create a new branch. 

 Modifying or Uninstalling JotForm

Have a new form? Need to uninstall? Go to the App Store and click on the three dots (‘...’) in the right corner of the JotForm tile. 

Select ‘Edit’ to access the configuration menu. From here, you can change the form as well as the block text. If you updated a form, press the 'Sync New JotForm' button. 

Select ‘Uninstall’ to uninstall the app. 

Having trouble? Check out the JotForm Help Guide or contact us at


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