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Configuring Chatbot Triggers

After setting up a chatbot, you’ll need to build the trigger to activate the bot. Without this, the bot will not appear in the Chat Widget. This applies both to Sequence and Conversational Bots.

In this article:

  • Why Do I Need a Trigger for a Chatbot to Work?
  • How to Set Up a Chatbot Trigger

Why Do I Need a Trigger for a Chatbot to Work?

You can build as many chatbots as you’d like in Acquire. And there’s a reason for that: we know you’ll need different bots for different use cases. For example, a bot that’s chatting to a new visitor will probably have a different script and set of actions than a bot that’s conversing with a current customer.

So, how do you set the right bots to engage in the right circumstances? This is where Triggers come in.

Triggers allow you to set up parameters a visitor must meet before the bot is applied. Some examples include web pages, return visits, source websites, and even account attributes. These conditions can be layered (‘All Of’) or you can build a list (‘Any Of’) to apply a specific bot.

How to Set Up a Chatbot Trigger

Head to Settings > Workflows > Triggers and click ‘Create Trigger’. Give it a name and description.

Add conditions that need to be met before the bot will fire. For example, to fire a bot on a specific webpage for all visitors, choose ‘All Of’, click ‘Add Conditions’ and select ‘Visitor Page URL’. Enter the page URL and proceed to the next section.

Next, you’ll set up the action—deploying the chatbot. Under ‘Perform Actions’ click ‘Add Actions’ and select ‘Apply Chatbot’. A new menu will open. Select the chatbot you want to apply, then click ‘Save’.

Now your bot is ready to go! Follow the conditions to test that it appears correctly.
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