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Setting & Managing Operating Hours & Holidays

Operating Hours allow you to set the hours the Acquire Web Widget is displayed on your website. This setting will be in effect even if an agent is online. Popular ways to use Operating Hours include:

  • Designating your time zone based on the regions you serve
  • Collecting inquiries only when a live agent is available
  • Turning off the Widget on special dates like national or regional holidays  

In This Article:

  • Setting Your Time Zone
  • Specifying Operating Hours
  • Adding Holidays

To get started with Operating Hours, navigate to Settings > Conversations Settings > Operating Hours

Setting Your Time Zone

Operating Hours and all other time-dependent Acquire features, like analytics, are based on the time zone you set in the platform. The default selection is UTC, but you’ll want to update it to match the time zone you operate in.

Head to Settings > Conversation Settings > Operating Hours > Select Time Zone and use the drop down menu to find your time zone.


Specifying Operating Hours

Click on the 'Operating Hours' tab and toggle the switch on (green) to enable this feature. 


Next, toggle on all the days you want the Widget to appear on your website. Then, choose which hours the Widget will be visible each day. Click ‘Set Hours’ and your hours will be set.


If you want the Widget to be visible when users are offline, use Triggers or Business Rules.

Adding Holidays

Add holidays your organization observes from the Operating Hours setting. Once added, your Widget will not appear anywhere on your website on the selected dates.

To add Holidays, click on the 'Holidays' tab. Click ‘Create Holiday’ and name your holiday. Then, select the date of the holiday. Finally, choose whether this holiday is all day, or just during a specific time window. To add additional Holidays, click ‘Add more holidays’. Then hit ‘Save’.


To edit a holiday, click on the three dots ('...') and select ‘Edit’.

Way to go! Now your Widget can enjoy the holiday too.

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