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How to Snooze Contacts and Conversations

During holidays or other events, you may want to snooze contacts and conversations. Not only will you avoid the awkwardness of contacting a customer during a much needed break, but you’ll also be able to snooze groups of customers that observe different types of holidays.

In this article

  • Snoozing Conversations and Contacts
  • Editing or Cancelling a Snooze

Snoozing Conversations and Contacts

To snooze a conversation, go to your Dashboard and click on the conversation you want to snooze. In the upper right corner of the conversation menu, click on the clock button. 


In ‘Select Users’, select the names of contacts you’d like to snooze from the drop-down menu.

Set a time for the snooze to expire in the ‘Snooze until…’ option. This time is based on your operating hours. You may select a time range between three hours and one month, or create a custom time. 

You may also enter a message.


After setting a snooze, a golden clock will appear next to that contact. 


Once a snooze elapses, you’ll receive an email and in-app notification telling you that the snooze period is over.

Editing or Cancelling a Snooze

Plans do get changed sometimes, so you’ll also be able to adjust any snoozes you set. 

To edit or cancel a snooze, click on the golden clock button in the top right corner of the conversation menu. 


From this menu, you may view the snooze details, add more snooze times, or delete a snooze by clicking on the ‘x’ button next to the date. 


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