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Chatbot Analytics

Track the efficacy of your Conversational Bot or Sequence Bot with Chatbot analytics. Filter these results by time to reveal how your bots are progressing. 

In this article

  • Understanding Conversational Bot Analytics
    • Conversational Bot Analytics 
    • Questions Report 
    • All Questions Group 
  • Understanding Sequence Bot Analytics
    • Overview 
    • Leads Generated
    • Path Analysis

Understanding Conversational Bot Analytics

Conversational bots are chatbots that respond to questions with trained or preset responses. 

View how effective your Conversational Bot is in Analytics > Chatbot > Conversational Bot


The curved line graph shows the number of: 

  • Customers Engaged: the number of visitors who interact with the conversational bot
  • Interactions: each time a visitor interacts with a bot, it's counted here
  • Issues Resolved: the number of queries the bot answered
  • Unanswered Questions: the number queries that the bot did not know the answer to

Hover over the graph to see details for that time. 

Questions Report 

Need to know how many questions relate to those in use? Use the Questions Report and All Question Groups charts to analyze this information. 

The Questions Report shows: 

  • Questions Added: the leftmost blue bar. All the questions added during that time.
  • Questions in Use: the second from the left green bar. These are the number of questions your chatbot currently uses. 
  • Suggested Questions: The second to the right yellow bar. These are the number of suggested questions.
  • Questions Groups: The rightmost red bar. The number of question groups operators created. 

Hover over a segment to see details. 

All Question Groups 

See the amount of Suggested Questions and Questions in Use compares to the total number of questions you have. If you have many Suggested Questions, it may be time to review them and add them to your Conversational Bot. 


Understanding Sequence Bot Analytics

You’ve built out your sequence bot, you’ve tested it out, and now it’s time to look at the results. 

Go to Analytics > Chatbots > Sequence Bots to start diving into the data. 

Overview Graph 

The Overview graph provides a top-level view of your sequence bots. 

Use the graph to identify: 

  • Conversations Initiated: The leftmost, blue bar. The number of times your Sequence Bot was triggered. 
  • Sequences Completed: The second from the left, green bar. The number times a visitor reached the end of a sequence. The sequence is completed when the visitor reaches an end node. End nodes are nodes on the Sequence Bot that close a conversation or those with no follow up actions. 
  • Live Handoffs: The second from the right, yellow bar. The number of times a visitor connected with an agent during a sequence. 
  • Conversations Abandoned: The rightmost, red bar. The number of visitors who left a sequence. 

Hovering over a segment reveals details for that time. 


Leads Generated 

See the distribution of successful and unsuccessful sequences with Leads Generated

See how many times: 

  • your sequence bot was initiated (the first segment, in blue) 
  • a visitor completed a sequence (the second segment, in green)
  • a sequence bot transferred a visitor to an agent (the third segment, in yellow)
  • a visitor left a sequence before the end (the last segment, in red)


Path Analysis

Follow your visitor’s journey with Path Analysis. Select a sequence from the dropdown menu at the upper right to get started. 

Hover over a section to investigate how many visitors were on a particular branch. Determine the branch's effectiveness by comparing the thickness of each segment.  


You’ve tracked your bots through analytics. Use this information to adjust chatbot answers and sequences and make your bots even more responsive.

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