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Enable File Sharing

Skip the email back-and-forth and resolve inquiries faster by enabling file sharing in Acquire Live Chat. Send and receive PDFs, images, audio, video and more.

Reduce steps in handling visitor inquiries by enabling file sharing in Acquire Live Chat. Send and receive forms, information sheets, and more.

In this article:

  • How to Turn on File Sharing
  • File Sharing Settings
  • Supported File Types

How to Turn on File Sharing

Navigate to Settings > Conversation Settings > Other and click on Permissions. Under ‘File Upload Permissions’ use the checkboxes to allow operators and/or visitors to upload files to the chat.

When file sharing is turned on, the Attach icon will be available in both conversation windows.

Users will see:


Website visitors will see:


File Sharing Settings

Different businesses require different file types for their operations. Acquire allows you to choose which file types can be shared through Live Chat.

In Conversation Settings > Permissions, use the checkboxes to select and deselect file types that can be shared in your Widget.

Note: File size is limited to 30MB.

Supported File Types

  • XLS, CSV, DOC - Downloads from the Dashboard. 
  • PNG, JPG, PDF, MP4, MP3 - Previews in another tab. Files may be downloaded from that tab. 
  • Multiple Files - A compressed file may be downloaded from the Dashboard.
  • WAV - Not supported.

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