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Setting Security Preferences for Accessing Your Instance

Keep your instance safe with added security and login settings that prevent access from unwanted parties or unauthorized locations.

In this article:

  • Setting Authorized IP Addresses
  • Whitelisting Specific Domains
  • Configuring Single Sign-on (SSO)

Setting Authorized IP Addresses

Limit the IP addresses users can access Acquire from by toggling this setting on in Settings > Security > Login Settings > Authorized IPs. Be sure to have all of the IP addresses for your office locations or VPNs.

Note: If you have a remote workforce who does not use a VPN we recommend that you do not use this setting.

Whitelisting Specific Domains

Whitelisting domains in Acquire removes the possibility of someone installing your Widget onto an unauthorized website in hopes of obtaining your data. You may wish to add your domains and subdomains to this list as an additional proactive security measure.

Add domains by going to Settings > Security > Login Settings > Whitelist Domain.

Configuring Single Sign-on (SSO)

Connect your identity provider with Acquire to add an extra layer of security to platform logins. Head to Settings > Security > Login Settings > Single Sign-on (SSO) to begin.

SAML Configuration

Acquire is compatible with Azure, Okta, OneLogin, Salesforce and any other SAML 2.0 provider. Follow these steps to complete the integration:

Step 1: Copy your assertion consumer URL from Acquire and paste it into your provider’s configuration screen.

Step 2: Using the drop down menu, select your identity provider.

Step 3: Enter your identity provider single sign-on URL.

Step 4: Enter your SAML Issuer/Entity ID.

Step 5: Paste your x.509 certificate in the field. Do not include the XML tag. For example, your certificate may look something like this: "<X509> ABCD12345...". When pasting, paste only "ABCD12345...".

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