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FAQ: Why am I still receiving emails after I've disconnected an inbox?

The common reason why you may still see emails in your Dashboard even after you’ve disconnected an inbox is that you’re still forwarding emails into Acquire.

In this article:

  • Why You're Getting this Error
  • Disabling Gmail Forwarding 
  • Disabling Outlook Forwarding
  • Updating the Address for Current Conversations

Disabling Email Checklist

Use this checklist to disable forwarding and avoid unexpected Dashboard behavior: 

  1. Delete the inbox from Acquire
  2. Disable forwarding from the inbox 
  3. Delete or update the email address for current Dashboard conversations 

Why You're Getting this Error

Let's say you’ve recently disconnected an inbox, but you’re still getting cases in Acquire from that inbox. 


When you click on this case, a message appears in your timeline telling you you don’t have permission to access the contact. 

 Timeline Info: You either do not have permission to access the contact or any of its case(s) or the contact does not have any case(s) present. 

To stop seeing these cases, first verify that the inbox was disconnected by going to Settings > Installation and Setup > Email Setup

If you only had one inbox prior to deletion, you should see a message inviting you to connect an inbox. 

If you use multiple inboxes, you shouldn’t see the inbox among the list of inboxes. If you do, be sure to disconnect it by clicking on the three dots (‘...’) under the ‘Action’ heading and selecting ‘Delete’.


If you’ve successfully deleted the inbox, and still see the cases on the Dashboard, log in to the email account. You'll need to disable forwarding. 

Disabling Gmail Forwarding

In this example, we’ve set up a Gmail inbox to forward messages to Acquire.
Go to Settings > See all settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP. 


Be sure to disable forwarding by clicking on the ‘Disable forwarding’ option. Then click ‘Save Changes’.

Read more about disabling forwarding in Gmail

Disabling Outlook Forwarding

To disable forwarding from an Outlook inbox, log into your Outlook account and go to Settings. At the bottom of the panel, click on ‘View all Outlook settings.’

Select ‘Forwarding’ and clear ‘Enable forwarding’. Then click on ‘Save’. 

Read more about clearing a forwarding inbox in Microsoft Support

You shouldn’t see that inbox’s emails on the Dashboard anymore. 

Updating the Address for Current Conversations 

You may have ongoing conversations at the time you disable the inbox. Be sure to update the email address in the Dashboard for those ongoing conversations. 

Deleted email addresses appear in red. When you try to send an email from a deleted address, you receive an error message. 

To update the address, go to an ongoing conversation and choose a new address by clicking on the old address to open the drop-down menu. 

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