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Error: Why am I getting an email permission error on the Dashboard

When you’re on the Dashboard and click on a case, you may come across a message that informs you that you do not have permission to access the contact or the contact does not have any cases.

This error occurs when you try to load conversations in Agent Home. 

Here are some steps you can take to diagnose the error:

  • Slow Servers
  • Email Address Recently Updated
  • Agent Not Assigned to Department
  • Business Rule Routing to Wrong Department

You will need Administrator access to view and change Settings. 

Slow Servers 

The most common reason why this error occurs is due to slow server load. When this occurs, we recommend refreshing the timeline. 

Email Address Recently Updated 

If the email inbox was recently updated, you may want to double-check that you’ve performed the necessary steps to set up the inbox properly. Head to Settings > Installation and Setup > Email Setup and click on the three dots (‘...’) next to the inbox to edit it. 

Double check that the ‘Email Verified’ label appears. If there is an error or unverified label, check out the following article to verify your DKIM

If the verified label appears and you still see the permission error message, ensure that you have added the correct forwarding address to your email client. Forwarding addresses may be found in the Edit My Inbox menu by clicking on the three dots (‘...’) next to the inbox you wish to check. 

Even if you deleted and re-added the same inbox, it will have a different forwarding address.

Add the new forwarding address to your email client’s forwarding list. 

Agent Not Assigned to Department

A common reason why agents don’t see emails appear on their Dashboard is because they are not assigned to the department for that inbox. If you run a relatively small organization, it may be beneficial to create a separate department for the inbox and assign all agents to that department. Learn more about assigning agents to departments.

If assigning every department to the same inbox won’t work for your organization, assign separate email inboxes to each department. You may use the department the agents already belong to when assigning the inboxes. 

To reassign a department to an inbox, go to Settings > Installation and Setup > Email Setup. Click on the three dots (‘...’) next to the inbox to edit the inbox. Select the departments to assign to the inbox and press 'Save'.

You may also assign more than one department per inbox.

Business Rule Routing to Wrong Department

Another reason why emails might not appear on the agent's Dashboard could be related to Business Rule routing. 

To check your Business Rules go to Settings > Workflow > Business Rules.

Sometimes Business Rules route incorrectly because of department assignments. In this example, the Business Rule seems to route emails to the Support Department. 


However, if we look at the department this inbox is assigned to, it’s actually for the Success department. Emails will only display to the department we assign them to, and will disregard any Business Rule logic.

We can rename the inbox and route it to the preferred department instead or create a new inbox for the Support department. 

Errors regarding email can be frustrating. Walking through the common reasons why emails aren’t appearing like they should can help problems get resolved quickly and efficiently. Of course, you can always reach out to too.

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