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Organizing Your Knowledge Base

Organizing your Knowledge Base to mirror a user journey is always a good idea. In addition, you probably want any ‘Installation’ and ‘Getting Started’ guides to appear first. Use intuitive drag and drop functionality to provide the best experience for customers who want to learn about your product.
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  • Reordering Categories 
  • Reordering Articles 

Reordering Categories

To reorder categories, go to Knowledge Base > Manage Categories. Hover over the category’s name or description until the gloved cursor appears and the article row turns gray. Click and drag the category to the desired location. Categories at the top will appear first. 


Reordering Articles

To reorder the appearance of articles in your Knowledge Base, go to Knowledge Base > Manage Articles. Select the category the article belongs to by clicking on the 'Filter' icon. 


Drag and drop the article into the order you desire. The article at the top will appear first, followed by the next article. 

Note: Articles that belong to more than one category will be organized according to their most recent ordering. For example, if ‘Chatbot Getting Started Guide’ is moved to first in the ‘Chatbot’ category, it will also be first in the ‘Getting Started’ category. 


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