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We're taking a deeper look at some of our integrations, including this one. In the meantime, some of the functionality described here may not work as expected. Thank you for your patience.

Connect your WooCommerce store with Acquire. This integration allows you to manage customer orders and queries directly from the Acquire platform. Once connected, you’ll be able to perform the following actions from the Dashboard:

  • View customer orders and order details
  • Search products and place orders
  • Process refunds
  • Sync contacts from Acquire to WooCommerce and vice versa
  • Cancel Order
  • Reorder

Please note that you will not be able to process credit card details from Acquire. You may continue to process payments through WooCommerce’s service providers or via cash on delivery.


In this article:

  • Installing and Configuring WooCommerce
  • Setting Store Events
  • Creating and Updating Contacts and Addresses
  • Reorder
  • Creating Orders
  • Tracking Orders

What you’ll need:

  • A WooCommerce Admin Account

Installing and Configuring WooCommerce

To install the app, start by navigating to the App Store > Ecommerce > WooCommerce and click 'Install App'. In the pop-up window, click the ‘Install’ button. On the next screen, review the app permissions and click ‘Authorize Access’.



You’ll be redirected to Acquire to complete the setup. In the Settings tab, enter the store URL, then press ‘Save’.


Log in to your WooCommerce admin account using your email and password.


‘Approve’ permissions to connect your WooCommerce store to Acquire.


From the Settings page, enable ‘Store Webhook Events’ by switching the toggle to green (right). Then press ‘Save’.


You can tell the integration is successful when a green tick and the words 'Already Installed' appear next to the WooCommerce app icon in Acquire.

Creating and Updating Contacts

Acquire automatically matches the customer’s email and address if it’s present in WooCommerce. If a customer’s email or address isn't present in WooCommerce, you will need to enter that information manually. 

The following information is required: 

  • First Name 
  • Last Name
  • Email 
  • Address 
  • City
  • Country
  • State
  • Zip



To sync a contact with WooCommerce, go to the Dashboard > WooCommerce tab. Input or update the required fields. Click on the three dots (‘...’) next to contact information, then press ‘Sync’. 





If a customer requests a reorder, bring up their order history in the contact profile. Click on the three dots (‘...’) next to the order and select 'Reorder'.


Tracking Orders

Track new orders in the Acquire panel. Orders display in Timeline View along with their current status.




Creating Orders

You may submit an order from within Acquire, making it even easier to reorder items or refund customers. During a chat, click on the ‘WooCommerce’ tab, and use the ‘Create Order’ drop-down to select products using the search bar (note: the first 50 products in the store are searchable). Fill out the order details, and then click the ‘Create Order’ button.



You may also change the order status and shipping rates, or leave a note.

Easily manage your ecommerce transactions using Acquire and WooCommerce. Having trouble? Reach out to

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