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With more than 2 billion users, WhatsApp is a powerful communication channel. Connect your WhatsApp number to Acquire today to start texting with visitors, no phones necessary.

In this article:

  • Setting Up WhatsApp Via Twilio
  • Getting a Phone Number 
  • Creating a WhatsApp API
  • Connecting WhatsApp to Acquire
  • Connecting to the Platform 
  • WhatsApp Support Documents

Note: Before you can connect WhatsApp through Twilio with Acquire, you will have to purchase a phone number from Twilio and wait for their team to approve your WhatsApp account. This process takes about a week, though some customers have reported approval taking several weeks. Once your number is approved, integrating into Acquire should only take 5 minutes.

Setting Up WhatsApp Via Twilio

Get started by setting up a free Twilio account.

Getting a Phone Number

After creating an account, you will have access to the Twilio Dashboard. All new accounts come with $15 of free credit (subject to availability) you can use to buy phone numbers and test the platform.

Head over to the Twilio Dashboard and click on the red ‘Get a Trial Number’ button.


Selecting Your Phone Number

Twilio recommends a phone number based on your location. If you are satisfied with this suggestion, click ‘Choose This Number’. If you would like a number for a different location or country, select ‘Search for a Different Number’. While searching, be sure you choose an SMS-enabled number.

Applying for WhatsApp Access

After selecting your phone number you can apply for WhatsApp access by clicking ‘Programmable SMS’ on the Twilio main menu and selecting ‘Senders’. Read and agree to WhatsApp's terms of service.


Next, navigate to the 'WhatsApp Senders' tab in the left navigation.


On the WhatsApp Enabled Senders screen, click 'Sign Up to Receive Updates'. Fill out the form and within a few days the Twilio team will contact you to let you know your account is approved. 


Creating a WhatsApp API

Once your account has been approved, log in to Twilio and navigate to Programmable SMS > WhatsApp > Senders. This time you will be able to create a Sender—WhatsApp Account that can send and receive messages.


Profile Information

Click on the plus sign ‘+’ to open the Profile Information form and create a Sender. This creates your WhatsApp account profile—the information visible to anyone messaging your WhatsApp number. 


Fill out the required fields and click the 'Submit Request' button at the bottom of the dialog box.

Once you have received final approval from Twilio, your account will be ready to integrate into Acquire to start managing conversations.

Note: The approval process for your WhatsApp profile can take several business days.

Connecting WhatsApp to Acquire

Go to the Acquire App Store, locate WhatsApp and click on ‘Install App’. Read through the app requirements and click ‘Install’.

Select What's App from the App Store.

On the following page, read the permissions and click 'Authorize access'. The page will redirect to the WhatsApp Integration Settings Panel.



Authorize the application.


Here you’ll complete the necessary fields to connect WhatsApp to Acquire. But before you get started, open your Twilio Dashboard in a new tab or window.

Account SID and Auth Token

On your Twilio Dashboard are the 'ACCOUNT SID' and 'AUTH TOKEN'.


Copy the 'ACCOUNT SID' and paste it into the corresponding field in Acquire. For the 'AUTH TOKEN', click 'Show' to reveal it first, then copy and paste it into Acquire.

WhatsApp Enabled Number

Go back to the Twilio Dashboard and navigate to the WhatsApp Enabled Senders. Under your list of WhatsApp Profiles, click on 'Configure' next to your approved phone number.


In the 'From' field, you will find the WhatsApp Enabled Number. Copy and paste the entire field into the respective field on the Acquire.


Connecting to the Platform

Add a channel name in Acquire, then copy the Webhook URL. This needs to be pasted into Twilio to complete the integration.


Go back to the configuration menu of your approved WhatsApp number on Twilio. You can do this by clicking 'Configure' next to your approved phone number under the WhatsApp Senders tab.

Paste the Webhook URL from the Acquire Platform into both the 'A Message Comes In' and the 'Status Callback URL' fields.


Once you have pasted in the Webhook URL into the fields, click 'Configure'.

Return to Acquire and click 'Connect Now'. 


Your Acquire account is now connected to the WhatsApp Official API via Twilio!


All future WhatsApp messages sent to that phone number will appear in Acquire.

WhatsApp Support Documents 

As of February 1, 2022, WhatsApp has changed their pricing model. Read how this change may affect your organization: 

Need help? Check out the WhatsApp Twilio API Documentation, start a live chat with our team, or send an email to


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