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We're taking a deeper look at some of our integrations, including this one. In the meantime, some of the functionality described here may not work as expected. Thank you for your patience.

Use the popular payment processing app Stripe to collect payments from customers during a chat or Sequence Bot. 

In this article: 

  • Installing Stripe 
  • Using Stripe During a Chat
  • Using Stripe During a Sequence Bot
  • Editing or Uninstalling Stripe

You’ll need

  • A Stripe Account

Installing Stripe 

In the Acquire App Store, search for Stripe using the search bar or go to the ‘Ecommerce’ section. Locate the Stripe tile and click on ‘Install’


You’ll need to verify your Stripe account and authorize the installation. 

Once you’ve authorized the installation, you’ll be directed to the Setting tab. Enter the package price, title and description of the product you'd like to collect payment for. Please note the currency is set up through your Stripe account. Then, set the 'Payment Webhooks Events' toggle to active (green, right), to see payment blocks in the Dashboard. 


Once you've entered your account details, hit 'Save'. You'll see a green checkmark and the message 'Already Installed' on the tile upon successful installation. 

Using Stripe During a Chat

While conversing with a customer over the Dashboard, you may sync their profile in Stripe. 

In the customer profile, click on the Stripe tab. In this section, you may input the customer’s contact information. 

Click on the three dots (‘...’) to sync their profile. Please note that email and full name are required fields. 


You may also update their contact information by pressing the ‘Update Contact’ button. 

Once a visitor completes a Stripe sequence, an agent will see the Stripe block appear on their timeline. Agents will also be able to check on the order from that visitor's profile. 

Agents will see payment details for each order, including amount, currency, description, and status. 

Stripe Status 

A Stripe block on the timeline. 

A yellow, ‘Pending’ status will appear in the Stripe block for payments that have not gone through. 

A green, ‘Successful’ status will appear in the Stripe block for successful payments.

Using Stripe During a Sequence

Agent View

Use Stripe during a sequence to ask visitors for their contact and payment details. 

To use Stripe during a sequence, navigate to Chatbot > Sequence Bot. Create a new sequence or update an existing one. 

In a new branch, click on ‘Add another interaction’ and then choose ‘Chat Widget’


A Chat Widget Block will appear to the right of the branch. Select the link that appears after ‘Choose widget’ and choose ‘Stripe’.

If you’d like the sequence to continue after the Widget App process completes, add a new branch. Once you've completed the sequence, publish it, and use a Business Rule to activate it. 

Visitor View

Now, when a visitor reaches the Stripe node, they’ll be asked to provide payment information. 


After pressing the checkout button, visitors are asked for their name and email address. 

They’ll then be prompted to insert their payment details. 


Once the visitor hits ‘Pay’ they’ll go back to the sequence. 

On the Dashboard, the agent will see the transaction block. 

A Stripe block with a green, ‘Successful’ payment. 

Editing or Uninstalling Stripe

Need to make changes to the block text? Go to the App Store and click on the three dots (‘...’) on the Stripe tile and select ‘Edit’. You’ll be able to make changes to the block text and webhook. 

Need to uninstall? Go to the App Store and click on the three dots (‘...’) on the Stripe tile and select ‘Uninstall’. The application will be uninstalled. Please note that any Stripe integrations you set up with Sequence Bot may break when Stripe is uninstalled. 

Need help? Reach out to us at or check out Stripe’s documentation.


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