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See what’s happening on your Shopify store right from the Acquire dashboard. View what customers have added to their carts, order status, history and contents, billing summaries, and shipping addresses and without having to leave the conversation timeline.

In this article:

  • Installation
  • How the Integration Works
  • Additional Ways to Leverage Shopify + Acquire
  • Including Shopify Details in a Chatbot Reply


In the Acquire App Store, find Shopify and click ‘Install App’. Read the capabilities and click ‘Install’. On the next screen, review the app permissions, then click ‘Authorize App’. You’ll be redirected back into Acquire where you’ll need to enter your store URL and click ‘Save’.


Next, you’ll be sent to Shopify. Log in with your store credentials. Shopify will then ask if you want to install the Acquire app. Click ‘Install unlisted app’ to complete the integration.

How the Integration Works

When someone clicks ‘Add to Cart’ on your store, you will get a notification in Acquire with the customer profile. This information is also available on the contact profile when you click on the Shopify icon. When an order is placed, you will receive another notification with the order details and that information will also become available on the contact’s profile.


Additional Ways to Leverage Shopify + Acquire

This integration allows you to provide a personalized experience to visitors and customers as they interact with your store. In addition to merging your Shopify information with contact profiles, you can:

  • Cobrowse with visitors to highlight new items or help them complete an order
  • Issue refunds right from the conversation timeline
  • Automate services like order status queries and shipment tracking with chatbots

Including Shopify Details in a Chatbot Reply

Conversational Bots

Add Shopify order lookup by navigating to Chatbots > Conversational Bot > the Group you want to add the widget to. Then click ‘Add New Question’ and enter the question(s) that can be handled by looking up order details. Add a Formatted Answer letting the visitor know the bot will look up their order information.

Next, enable post actions and select ‘Apply Chat Widget’ as the action. Then select ‘Shopify’ as the widget. Click ‘Save Changes’. In the dashboard, change the question status to ‘Published’ and the bot will now reply with the Shopify widget when asked about order information.

Sequence Bots

Open the bot you want to add Shopify to and create a new branch by clicking the plus sign ‘+’ or ‘Add New Branch’ and modify the branch by clicking the editor. Next, click ‘Add another interaction’ and select ‘Add Chat Widget’. Choose Shopify and click ‘Save Branch’.

Don’t forget to connect your branch to the correct step. Pro tip: We often see customers use bubbled actions with a choice for ‘Order Information’ to lead visitors to the Shopify widget app.

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