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Mailchimp Subscribe

We're taking a deeper look at some of our integrations, including this one. In the meantime, some of the functionality described here may not work as expected. Thank you for your patience.

Capture visitor emails with the popular marketing platform, Mailchimp. Now, when your visitor explores the widget, engages with an agent, or chats with a bot, they'll have an option to subscribe to your newsletter.

In this article:

  • Installing Mailchimp 
  • Using Mailchimp in the Widget
  • Using Mailchimp During a Conversation 
  • Using Mailchimp in a Bot
  • Uninstalling Mailchimp

You must have:

  • A Mailchimp Account

Installing Mailchimp

Go to the App Store > Widget Apps > Mailchimp Subscribe. Click on ‘Install App’. Review the app capabilities and click ‘Install’. On the next screen, review the permissions and access levels, then click ‘Authorize Access’.

You’ll be redirected to log in to Mailchimp to authorize Acquire to access your account.

Once you've successfully installed the app, you'll see an 'Already Installed' message on the tile. 

After authorization is complete, you’ll be taken back to Acquire and into Mailchimp Subscribe Settings. Alternatively, click the three dots ‘...’ in the upper right of the app tile and select ‘Edit’ to open the setup wizard.

Then, in the Settings, use the drop down menu to choose which list to add subscribers to. Give the widget app a title and description and add a confirmation message.


Click ‘Save’ and the app will go live in your widget.
If you need to update the available lists, click the ‘Sync Metadata’ button.

Using Mailchimp in the Widget

Show the Mailchimp app in the widget so visitors may enter their information without interacting with a bot or agent first. To display the widget app, go to Settings > Messenger Setup > Widget Apps. Scroll through your widget apps, then click on Mailchimp. Finally, press the 'Push App to Widget' button. The Mailchimp app will now appear in the widget. 

Visitors will see the Mailchimp app in the widget. Keep in mind that, depending on the number of apps in your widget, they may need to scroll down to see the Mailchimp app. 

Using Mailchimp During a Conversation

During a chat, agents can push the app into the timeline. To do, agents should use the App button on the bottom left of the conversation window. 


Once pushed, the visitor will be able to interact with the subscription from the widget. 

Using Mailchimp in a Bot

Need to automate your sign up process. Use Mailchimp in your Sequence Bot and allow visitors to leave their email addresses that way. 

To get started, go to Chatbots > Sequence Bot. Create a new sequence or update an existing one. Create a new branch and click on ‘Add another interaction’ and then choose ‘Chat Widget’.

Select 'Mailchimp' from the drop-down list in 'Choose Widget'. 

Once a visitor reaches that branch, they'll have the option to subscribe input their email address. If you'd like to assign more actions after the Mailchimp app, create a new branch. 

Uninstalling Mailchimp 

When you no longer need Mailchimp go to the App Store and access the Mailchimp. Click on the three dots ('...') and select 'Uninstall'. Please note that if your widget app is part of a bot sequence, that sequence may not work as expected after uninstalling. 

Having trouble? Reach out to or checkout Mailchimp's help docs.

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