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Magento 2

We're taking a deeper look at some of our integrations, including this one. In the meantime, some of the functionality described here may not work as expected. Thank you for your patience.

Eliminate holds and wait times by viewing your Magento V2 store right from the Acquire dashboard. Sync customer information, view their carts, order status, history, and contents, as well as billing summaries and shipping addresses — all without leaving the conversation timeline.
Magento V2 is an open-source e-commerce platform that offers a flexible shopping cart system and gives you control over the look, content, and functionality of your online stores.

Please note that you will not be able to process credit card details from the Acquire platform. You may continue to process payments through Magento’s service providers or via cash on delivery.

In this article:

  • Creating a Magento V2 App
  • Installing and Configuring Magento
  • Installing a Webhook App
  • Setting Up the Webhook in Magento
  • Creating and Updating Contacts and Addresses
  • Viewing Order History, Re-Order, and Refund
  • Creating Orders
  • Tracking Orders

What you’ll need:

  • A Magento V2 admin account

Creating a Magento V2 App

To get started, you will need to create a Magento V2 app and to get access to the API.

Log in to your Magento V2 admin account and go to Magento Admin Panel > System > Integration > Create New Applications.


Step 1: Enter your application name


Step 2: Give the app the right permissions


Step 3: Activate the application

Click on the ‘Activate’ button to authorize the process.


Installing and Configuring Magento

To install the app, start by navigating to the App Store > Ecommerce > Magento and clicking 'Install App'. In the pop-up window, click the ‘Install’ button. On the next screen, review the app permissions and click ‘Authorize Access’. 


You’ll be redirected to Acquire to complete the setup. You will need your Magento information, including your store code. 

 To access your store code: 

  •  Log in to your admin account
  • Go to Stores > Settings > All Stores
  • Copy the code for the store you’d like to connect 

In the 'Settings' tab, enter the following Magento details: 

  • Store URL
  • Store Code
  • Admin Username
  • Admin Password
  • Webhook URL (note: keep this handy, you’ll need it to set up the webhook in the Magento Panel later on)

Then, press ‘Save’. 


You can tell the integration is successful when a green tick and the text 'Already Installed' appears next to the Magento app icon in Acquire.


Installing a Webhook App

Setting Up the Webhook in Magento

Once the webhook extension is installed, you'll need to set up the webhook in Magento's Admin Panel. To begin, log in to your Magento admin account. 

Step 1: From your admin account Dashboard, go to System > Webhook > Manage Hooks and click on ‘Add New’. 

Step 2: Create a new webhook 

In this menu: 

  • enter your webhook name.
  • switch the status to ‘Enable’.
  • select all the options from ‘Order Status’. 
  • select ‘Default Store View’ in ‘Store Views’. 
  • choose the ‘Priority’ level for your webhook. If you are only using one webhook, select ‘0’

Step 3: Add the webhook

Go to the ‘Actions’ setting in the left panel. 

Enter the webhook URL you copied from the Acquire interface earlier and click ‘Save’. Note: you do not need to complete any of the other ‘Actions’ settings.


When you’ve completed setting up the ‘General’ and ‘Actions’ settings, press ‘Save’. 

The webhook setup in your Magento Panel is now complete. Now, Acquire will track your Magento orders and will display those details in your timeline.

Creating and Updating Contacts and Addresses

Acquire automatically matches the customer’s email and address if it’s already present in Magneto. When a customer email or address isn't already present in Magento, you will need to create and update customer contact details yourself.

You may edit contact information from Acquire through the Magento panel. 


Viewing Order History, Reorder, and Refund

If a customer requests a refund, bring up their order history in the contact profile. Click on the three dots (‘...’) next to the order and select the appropriate option.You have the option to refund or reorder ‘Complete’ orders. ‘Pending’ orders may be reordered. 


Creating Orders

You can submit an order right from within Acquire, making it even easier to reorder items or refund customers. During a chat, click on ‘Magento’ tab, and use the ‘Create Order’ drop-down to select products using the search bar (note: the first 50 products in the store are searchable). Fill out the order details, and then click the ‘Create Order’ button.


You may also change the order status and shipping rates, or leave a note. 

Tracking Orders

Track new orders in the Acquire panel. Orders display in Timeline View along with their current status.


Navigate e-commerce with ease using Acquire and Magento V2. Having trouble? Reach out to

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