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Connect with customers on the popular photo-sharing platform Instagram. Whenever an Instagram user’s direct messages (DMs) your account, you’ll be able to respond directly in Acquire. 


Once installed, you’ll be able to respond to DMS with photos and links, and Instagram users will be able to send you gifs and sound recordings. 

In this article:

  • Before Installing Instagram
  • Installing Instagram 
  • Responding to Instagram Direct Messages

What you’ll need

  • An Instagram Business account with:
    • At least 10,000 followers 
    • Next quarter 1,000 followers 
  • A Facebook account and Facebook page
  • You will need admin credentials for both accounts

Please note: Instagram and Facebook currently limit the use of their API to those who have 10,000 followers or more. In order to use this integration, you will need at least 10,000 followers for the Instagram account you plan to use with Acquire. 

Before Installing Instagram

If using a standard Instagram account, you will need to switch it to a Business account. You will also need to connect your Instagram account to a Facebook page. 


Log in to Facebook and Instagram before starting the integration process to save time. You will need to be logged into Instagram on your mobile device as well as your desktop to perform the following tasks. 


To set up an Instagram Business account:

On your mobile device, while logged in to your Instagram, go to 'edit profile'. Tap ‘Switch to Professional Account’ and ‘Continue’. Select a category for your business and then tap ‘Done’. You should now be able to switch your account to a Business account. You may connect your Business account to your Facebook page by following the guide below. 

To connect your Facebook page to your Instagram account:

Log in to Facebook on your desktop device. Click on ‘Pages’ on the left navigation bar and select the page you’d like to connect. 

Once on the page, go to Settings > Instagram

Click on ‘Connect Account’. 


Be sure to enable ‘Allow access to Instagram messages in inbox’. Then, click ‘Continue’.

You’ll be asked to log in to your Instagram account to verify it. Press ‘Continue’.

After connecting, you may need to refresh the page. 

Then click ‘Review Connection’ and ‘Continue’. 


You’ll need to confirm the connection. Click ‘Continue’ and ‘Confirm Connection’. You’ll be asked to continue as your Instagram account. 


You should see a green checkmark with the words ‘Connection Confirmed’ meaning that your Instagram account is connected. 

Installing Instagram 

 To get started, go to the Acquire App Store > Social > Instagram. Click on ‘Install App’. Review the app capabilities and click on ‘Install’.

You’ll then be directed to authorize the app. Click on ‘Authorize Access’ then click on ‘Accept’.

You will be asked to continue as your Facebook account name. Click ‘Continue’. 

Select the Instagram Business Account, then press ‘Next’. 


Then, select the Facebook page you want to connect to. 


Click on ‘Next’.


Then, you’ll need to manage your settings. Enable all settings. Then press ‘Done’ and ‘Okay’.

Acquire will now be linked to your Instagram account. 

If you successfully installed the app, you will see an ‘Already Installed’ message at the bottom of the Instagram tile.

Responding to Instagram Direct Messages

Now, when a direct message is sent to your Instagram account, you’ll see it in Acquire. Instagram messages may be easily identifiable from the Conversation List. Simply respond to an Instagram message as if it were a chat conversation. 


You will be able to see the visitor’s Instagram username in the visitor profile section to the right. 

Quickly identify Instagram messages on the Dashboard

Editing or Uninstalling Instagram

Need to make changes? Go to the App Store and click on the three dots (‘...’) on the Instagram tile and select ‘Edit’. You’ll be able to make changes to your Instagram Settings here. Click ‘Save’ to complete the changes.

Need to uninstall? Go to the App Store and click on the three dots (‘...’) on the Instagram tile and select ‘Uninstall’. The application will be uninstalled.

Need help? Reach out to us at or check out Instagram's Help Center.

Additional Resources

Here’s some additional information to help you out during this process. 


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