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Installing the Acquire Chat Widget on Your Website

Ready to add the Acquire Chat Widget to your website? Read this article for step-by-step instructions for adding the code to your site and ensuring the widget appears on the pages you want it to.

In this article:

  • What is the Acquire Chat Widget?
  • Finding Your Unique Widget Code
  • Adding the Code to Your Website
  • Verifying the Code is Installed Correctly

Let’s get started! Before you jump in, make sure you’re logged into Acquire with Administrator credentials, otherwise

 you won’t be able to access your widget code.

What is the Acquire Chat Widget?

The Acquire Chat Widget is a window within your website where visitors can interact with your company. Interactions can include live chatting with a human, searching the knowledge base, checking order statuses, using chatbots to get help, and more.

Finding Your Unique Widget Code

Navigate to Settings > Installation and Setup > Widget Code. Here you’ll see three menu choices. Select 'Widget Code'. Each Widget Code comes pre-populated with your unique account information.

Next, click the copy code icon in the top right to copy the text to your clipboard.

Replace account_id with the sequence that appears before in your account's URL

Adding the Code to Your Website

To get the Acquire Chat Widget to show up on your website, you’ll need to add the code to the <head> tag on every page you’d like the widget to appear. Paste the code you copied into your website code.

These screenshots are for example purposes only. Please copy and paste your widget code from Settings > Installation and Setup > Web Widget.

5p41ibw2kvi-widget-code-installed-1599580420181.pngThe Widget Code can also be added using Google Tag Manager if your organization uses it for tracking pixels and managing other website features.

Note: If you only want the widget to appear on certain pages, we recommend working with your website administrator to ensure the code goes in the right place.

Verifying the Code is Installed Correctly

Navigate to a page where you have inserted the code in the <head> tag. In the bottom right corner, you should now see the widget. If it’s there—woohoo! Verify it’s on all of the pages you wanted it to appear and then continue setting up Acquire.


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What Do I Do if I Don’t See the Widget?

Navigate to a page where the Widget Code was installed. Then right-click and select ‘View Page Source’. Search for the <head> tag and look for your Widget code. 


[Pro Tip: Hit CTRL+F to bring up the on-page search and type in ‘Acquire’ to save your eyes.]

If you still don’t see the Widget, it may be because of a firewall or other security measure used on your site. Reach out to our support team using our widget or by emailing and we’ll help you troubleshoot the installation.



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