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Importing Contacts to Acquire

Have contacts and leads kicking around in your CRM, marketing tool, or other software? Pull them into Acquire in a few simple steps.

In this article:

  • Why Import Contacts to Acquire?
  • Importing via CSV Upload
  • Testing Your Import

Why Import Contacts to Acquire?

Importing existing contacts to Acquire provides a number of benefits. Your users will be able to identify existing customers and known contacts quicker, reducing the need to ask for information your team may already have. It also helps streamline your records between systems, which can be helpful for custom integrations or switching providers.

Importing via CSV Upload

Quickly import contacts with a CSV file upload. Log into Acquire and head to the Contact List tab. To get started, click ‘Import Data’.


Click ‘Import contacts from CSV file’. In the pop-up dialog box, drag and drop or browse to add your CSV file. Then, add any tags you’d like to append to this list, e.g. “big_event_attendees_2019”. These tags will be useful for creating segments later on.

When the upload says ‘Completed’, click ‘Next’. The following screen is where you will map the CSV columns to fields in Acquire.


Choose which column should match each field, and when you’re satisfied, click ‘Complete’. You don’t have to map every column, but any data from unmapped columns will not be stored in Acquire.

Note: If you are importing custom fields, be sure to add the Custom Attribute to Acquire before uploading the CSV.

Testing Your Import 

Did your contacts make it through? Check to see if your import succeeded by searching for your contacts.




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