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Getting Feedback: Creating & Managing Questions

How do you know if you’re delivering an exceptional experience? Well, you have to ask (most of the time, anyway). Acquire enables you to automate feedback collection in every channel. Ask feedback questions whenever you close a conversation and see how visitors rate those interactions.

In this article:

  • Feedback Options
  • Creating Questions
  • Tracking and Measuring Responses 

Feedback Options

Adapt feedback questions and answers to the channel and inquiry type by selecting the options that suit your needs.


Feedback is available for chat, SMS, and email. Each channel has specific requirements for feedback, so you’ll need to create separate questions.

Answer Type

Choose the appropriate response style for your question. Options include ratings, text, radio selections, and checkboxes.


Format how you want answer choices to appear.

  • Ratings include stars, numbers, thumbs up or down, emojis, and custom images.
  • Text can be a single line or multiline box.
  • Radio buttons and checkboxes require you to enter labels.

Keep these in mind as you create your feedback questions.

Creating Questions

Head to Settings > Conversation Settings > Feedback. Here you’ll create and manage your feedback questions._1RoqsHM75g3GK0d5ip04RT02WS7BYUr7tWTaaNRYxZNLniJPtqn3jGN54Y61AyGk24nQh9Fnv4JK26snLjQIKxkmx4GbqbiyA2r6R506CjBZT33mTOXKUx4s5ysSYEAdEKcL1Z2

Every Acquire account comes with ‘Did you find this helpful?’ as a default question. This is configured for chat conversations. To enable it, toggle the switch to active (slide from red to green or left to right). Make it a required field by clicking the three dots ‘...’, selecting ‘Edit’ and ticking the ‘Feedback Required’ checkbox. You can also customize an error message here. Click the ‘Save’ button and it will instantly be required for all chats.

Back on the Feedback Settings homepage, click ‘Create Question’. Use the dropdown to choose the channel—Chat, Email, or SMS—for the question.


Next, enter the question you want to ask. Then, use the drop downs to select a department and question status (Active or Inactive).

Now, the next two drop downs are how you set up the type of answers visitors can respond with. Use Answer Type to select rating, text, radio button, or checkbox. Then use Rating Type to choose the answer options. Emojis and Custom Images may be assigned labels and values for easier analytics reporting.

Next, use the checkbox to decide whether or not feedback will be required in the Web Widget. Finally, add a custom error message that will display if something goes wrong while the visitor is providing feedback.

Click ‘Save’ and your new question will be ready to go.

Note: If you choose ‘Disabled’ in the question status, you will need to switch the toggle on (from red to green or from left to right) in the Feedback Settings homepage to make the question active.

Tracking and Measuring Responses 

Curious what your users are feeling? Head to Analytics > Satisfaction to view Feedback and Custom Feedback.

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