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Social Media Share Links

Invite social media users and others to a chat, audio call, or video call with social media share links. Social media links are easy to share and customizable. 

In this article: 

  • Using Social Media Share Links 
  • Customizing a Social Media Share Link 

Using Social Media Share Links 

To locate your social media share links, click on your profile. 

 Click on your profile to access your social media share links. 

Click on:

  • the purple chat icon to share a link to chat 
  • the green phone icon to share a link to start an audio call 
  • the blue video icon to share link to start a video call 

The link will look something like this: 


When you click on one of the social media buttons, a link will be copied to your clipboard. Share this link with a visitor. When the visitor clicks on the link, they’ll be able to start a chat, audio, or video call. All links will automatically send the visitor to your simulate page. 

Customizing a Social Media Share Link

Customize your social media share links to redirect a visitor to any widget-enabled page on your domain. Copy the link to that page and add the hash symbol ('#') and everything after it from the copied link. 

For example, if the link you copied from the social share button is https://accountId.domain/simulate#start-chat-a137 and the url to the page you want to share on is https://mydomain.foobar/home add the hash symbol (‘#’) and everything after it to the end of the url. For example, the link you’ll share with a visitor will be https://mydomain.foobar/home#start-chat-a137

A more detailed explanation for social share links may be found below: 

Take this social share link for example:

The social share link consists of: 

  • Your Acquire account Id - abcd
  • Your domain name -
  • The simulate page path parameter - simulate
  • The social share link action - #start-chat
  • Your agent Id - a111

If you want to redirect the visitor to your contacts page at, append the #start-chat-a111 to the url as such:

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