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  • Using Screen Share During Conversations

Using Screen Share During Conversations

In some cases, cobrowsing isn’t the best choice for on-screen collaboration—perhaps you only need to see what’s on-screenand don’t need to interact with it, or maybe you’re just troubleshooting a desktop application. Enter screen sharing. This option allows users to share their screens or view the visitor’s screen, opening up a plethora of additional ways to share information.

In this article:

  • How to Start a Screen Share

How to Start a Screen Share

Starting from the conversation window, click on ‘Screen Share’ in the toolbar. Select whether you want to share your screen or request the visitor to share theirs.

When you request a visitor to share their screen, a pop-up will appear asking their permission. They will need to accept by clicking ‘OK’.


In both sharing directions, a pop-up will appear asking if you’d like to share your entire screen, the application window, or your browser tab. Make a selection and click ‘Share’. If you’re asking the visitor to share their screen, it’s helpful to tell them which option to choose based on the assistance needed.


The screen share will then appear in the conversation window.


To end the screen share, you or the visitor will need to click ‘Stop sharing’ at the bottom of your screen.


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