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How to Outbound Dial & Send SMS Messages

Proactively start conversations using calls and SMS in Acquire. Send custom campaign messages, follow up on interactions, and more.
In this article:

  • Requirements
  • Making Outbound Calls
  • Sending SMS Messages


To make calls and use SMS in Acquire, you’ll need to configure your VoIP settings. Make sure to verify that your account’s Twilio number can be used on both channels.

Making Outbound Calls

Click the phone icon in the upper right corner of your Acquire dashboard to open the dial pad. Use the drop-down to select which number you want to dial. This will appear on caller ID.

Next, enter the 10-digit phone number you’d like to dial and click ‘Call’ to begin the call.


Sending SMS Messages

With the dial pad open, click ‘Send SMS’. Use the drop-down menu to select which phone number the text will be sent from. Then type your message and click ‘Send’.

Note: Be sure you are complying with consent laws when using voice or SMS messaging.

After initiating a phone call or text message, the conversation will appear in the contact’s timeline.


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