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How to Merge Contacts and Conversations

Acquire identifies your website visitors using their details and cookies. That means if they access your site from an unknown device or browser and details can’t be matched to an existing contact profile, a new profile will be created. Since duplicates are the bane of every ops team, we’ve made it easy to merge different contact profiles together.

Additionally, visitors may initiate the same conversation across multiple channels, or ask the same question in close succession. In this instance, it may make sense to merge the conversations to keep track of everything they’ve reported to you.

In this article:

  • How to merge contacts
  • How to merge conversations

How to Merge Contacts

Beginning from the profile you’d like to merge, click the three dots ‘...’ under their name in the panel on the right of the conversation timeline and select ‘Merge Contact’.

Next, type in a name or email address to locate the profile you’d like to merge into. Click the correct profile when it appears in the list. Now, click ‘Continue’.


A confirmation message will appear and show you the information that will be merged with the chosen profile, such as timeline history, chats, notes, and webpage activity. Click ‘Confirm Merge’.


Ta-da! The profiles have been merged and all the information will be available in one timeline. Interactions that were merged into a profile will still display their original label (e.g. case number) in the timeline.

How to Merge Conversations

From a conversation timeline, use the three dots ‘...’ in the toolbar to open the additional action menu and select ‘Merge Conversation’.


In the dialog box, add a search parameter to locate the conversation you’d like to merge into. Click ‘Continue’.


Review the details to be merged and click ‘Confirm Merge’.




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